Thorn Hounds

The party keeps meeting this pack of 7 creatures.


They are mostly identical dog like creatures made of thorns and vines. Each has a collar made of a specific kind of flower. They have disturbingly human eyes, return after they are killed, and whomever kills them hears a brief odd echo from elsewhere.

White carnation: “Why? Why Jenna, Why?” This dog is smaller than the others, also faster and smarter. It seems to be able to reason like a human.

Lily of the valley: A mna’s voice, Midwestern. “Hey Patty, what’s up?”

Red Rose: A woman’s voice singing scales

Purple Clematis: laughter and hammers… someone working in a work shop?

Fox Tail Astilbe: 2 men talking- voice 1 “I’m pretty sure Candice is dead.” voice 2 “We should probably go to Charles.”

Golden Day Lily: A knight in battle- metal hitting metal, something like a horse snorting and stomping, a masculine grunt of pain

Blue Lotus: Water running- like a faucet, or bath tub


Thorn Hounds

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