Lady Leather

Winter’s queen in Warsaw is one of the Bright Ones


Luminously beautiful blue eyes literally glow as she regards the world
around her, she is the ‘talent’ at the Great Hall, though you aren’t
certain whether the other Lost come to hear her sing or to eat the
delicious food. You’ve never seen her out of her leather pants, boots
and corset, and have spoken with her the least of any of the
Changelings that call the Great Hall home. She has long brown hair and
pointed ears. During the day she works at a battered women’s shelter
and as a substance abuse counselor.

Lady Leather was once a girl named Laura. Her family

was on vacation, a long boring car trip through nowhere to nowhere.
Her father took a wrong turn somewhere. The family ended up on a dirt
road in the middle of BFE, and the procurers saw an opportunity they
couldn’t pass up. The individual family members were auctioned off to
the highest bidders at a goblin market deep within Arcadia.

Laura’s memories of her captivity shiver and shift.

She struggles not to think about it to much, but one scene haunts her.
Her owner came into her room after dinner, and she braced for his
touch. He wanted to talk instead, and she stifled a whimper, because
that was always worse.

“Did you enjoy dinner?” he asked. “Yes,” she answered. “Did you enjoy your steak?” he asked “Yes, of course,” she said, hoping that was the answer

he wanted.

“I’m glad. You certainly seemed to enjoy that lad when

he was a minstrel. I was hoping you would enjoy having him for dinner
too.” She knew better than to protest in anyway, but she couldn’t stop
the tears. “You should have known better than to look at him. You
smiled at him! Your eyes and your smiles are mine alone!” he snarled.

“He was my brother!” the words slipped out unthinking. “I don’t care what he was!” her captor snapped,

striking her across the face. “You are MINE!”

Lady Leather

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