Danny Brewer

He took his kith name as his last name and is the King of Warsaw’s fall court


Danny is a slender, pretty young man,
dainty, precise and graceful. He is soft spoken and informative, but
rarely volunteers information. He cooks, cleans and seems to do all of
the actual work involved in running the Great Hall as if it were a
business. His short brown hair is nearly the same color as his skin.
It isn’t until you get close to him that you realize he’s made of
wood, and the abstract swirls that look like tattoos from a distance
have been carved into his skin leaving ridges you could feel if you
ran your hands across him. He cooks for a Mexican restaurant as well
as at the Great Hall.

Danny doesn’t remember much about his childhood. A few

faces and some first names are all that remain to him. His father
brewed ale in a time before street lamps and cars, and he was taken by
traveler who had tasted his father’s wares.

Danny lived every day in terror. His first attempt to

follow his father’s recipe did not pass muster, so his captor took him
out back and buried him alive. She let him suffocate to death, and a
tree grew up from the place she’d buried him. She cut the tree down
and carved him back out of it. When he could see and hear and move
again she said to him “I hope you’ve learned your lesson boy. It would
be a shame if I forgot to free you the next time.”

He never failed that badly again, but the time he

truly pleased her was worse. She came into the brewery with a smile
and flood of compliments. Then said “And now, for your reward. I’m
going to make you beautiful.” That was when the carving knife came
out. He screamed and struggled and bled while she hummed happily.

Danny Brewer

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